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Belief Relief

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Belief Relief

With some other news dominating the blogosphere in recent days, it’s easy for us who are not directly affected to forget that parts of Australia are still being ravaged by bushfires. The South and East coasts were hit especially hard in the past few weeks, and everything points to this being the beginning of a crisis, rather than an end. Various news sources estimate that nearly half a billion animals have been killed in the fires, many of which are the creatures who depend on the forests that are burning for life. It wasn’t their own mistakes that brought this fate upon them, but rather ours. Many other speciesincluding our own, by the wayare looking at a similar outcome if we continue to abuse the planet as we currently do. 

Bearing all this in mind, we reached out to the Australian-based artist and designer Luke Day, for whom this is a very real concern, to design a graphic for us. This isn’t our first collaboration with himhe’s designed some of our favorite Belief graphics over the yearsbut it’s absolutely our most important. Purchasing a shirt or hoody will directly benefit those affected, as 100% of the proceeds from this release will go directly to WIRES, who are known for providing aid to animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  














Climate change is a very real threat, but there are other small ways to fight this crisis at home. Some easy examples: use mass transit, limit your use of single-use plastics, turn off your appliances before bed and, most importantly, go plant some trees with your friends. 

Our heart is with everyone affected by the fires, and the climate crisis. 

Ever Upward / Australia

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