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First Post

Posted by Belief NYC on
First Post

Let’s start this off by saying thank you to the Greenpoint community, to the customers and other small businesses who have shown their support from the first day we moved in. It’s great to find ourselves at home along another train line. Beyond that, we’d also like to thank everyone from the far corners of the world who continue to vibe with us—those who’ve sent us pictures of them rocking Queens Hoodies in Paris, or Arctic Fleeces in Tokyo. We appreciate all of your support, and will continue to provide unique threads door-to-door in every hemisphere. 

As this is our first blog post, it seems rather important that we use the occasion to explain our intentions, at least a little bit. Briefly, there are some things we want to write about that don’t fit within the confines of social media. Our work with other local businesses, or our efforts to help support communities ravaged by climate change, for example. These things could easily be summarized with a photo and a two-line post, but we’d risk you missing the forest for the trees. There are also collaborations behind the scenes with artists, musicians and skaters in our sphere which we haven’t explicitly shared on social media, but all of which are worth sharing with you. We’d rather give you all the words we have on offer, and maybe a picture to boot.

Welcome to the [blog]

Ever Upward.

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