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Queens Capsule

Posted by Belief NYC on
Queens Capsule

As all of you know, Queens is where it all started for us. Almost a decade ago we opened our doors in Astoria, an historically Greek neighborhood located in the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Since we’ve been here, we’ve properly embedded ourselves in the community by hosting events in Astoria skatepark, collaborating with businesses in our area, and growing close with our neighbors. Through it all we’ve continued to design and offer products that reflect our experiences here, which has been our dream from the start. 

The graphic on this hoody is a dove and olive branch, which is an ancient Greek symbol of peace and unity. If the metaphor isn’t clear enough, Queens can be rough around the edges and sharp at its corners, but by contrast there is also beauty and cultural acceptance here like nowhere else on earth.

Forever indebted to Queens, we're proud to continue representing our borough, worldwide. All sizes and colorways now restocked online, as well some new beanies to hold you over to springtime. 

Ever Upward.

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