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Belief x V...Vaughan

Belief x V...Vaughan

While digging into vintage sportswear on eBay one night last year, I stumbled across a gem that could only have come from the 90's. Struck by the creativity and talent of the illustrator, I immediately bought the item. Upon a closer look I saw a signature of the artist Virginia Vaughan. Although skeptical, I began searching for her online in an attempt to introduce myself and potentially work with her on a Belief project. I reached out to an email that I found but came up empty.

Months later after a vintage artwork convo with a friend, I rehashed my online search. This time a blogspot from the mid 2000's popped up with a different contact and email address. I reached out, still knowing it could be a long shot. 

Upon hearing back from V.... I was thrilled. We immediately hit it off and began working together on some Belief x V...Vaughan products. Fast forward 6 months later and here we are...

We're excited to offer the first Belief x V...Vaughan items for purchase to kick off our ongoing partnership! The perfect embodiment of nostalgic 90's sportswear that so often serves as a source of inspiration for Belief.

- Phil







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