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A Closer Look: Belief x Polartec®

A Closer Look:  Belief x Polartec®

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Polartec®. As an industry-leading fabric supplier, they’re constantly honing their craft, and figuring out new ways to approach each part of their production process. This drive to never settle is part of what has kept them at the forefront of innovation for more than a century. Inventing and engineering the highest quality performance fabrics is not a trend for them, it’s in their DNA. 

We chose to use their 200- and Micro-Series fleeces, which deliver breathable performance, time-tested durability, and soft, weightless warmth. The premium polyester yarn helps speed up dry times, while its breathable knit keeps you warm and repels moisture from your body. The result is a game changer for anyone who spends time in the elements. It’s outerwear reinvented for the needs of the present. 

As we do our best to shrink our carbon footprint, we’re proud to partner with a company that invests in our planet.  Their recycled fabric is made of PET (discarded plastic bottles), which requires 50% less water, and 25% less energy to make than a traditional fleece. In total, they’ve diverted over 1.5 billion water bottles from landfills since inventing their plastic-based knit fabric. As a result, this saves around 6,500 tons of CO2 from entering our atmosphere every year.  As they say, “the more we innovate, the less we use.”

Our fleece pants, ½ zip fleece, and pocket long sleeve are light enough to wear indoors, and warm enough to protect you against the wind at the top of a mountain peak. A fleece cap, blanket, wallet and neck warmer give you the option of head-to-toe coverage.

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