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California Wildfire Relief Tees

California Wildfire Relief Tees

As you may know, the West Coast is burning... 

It happens every year, accompanied by the headline “California Wildfires This Year are the Worst in History.” Again, this year, that is true. These fires have burned more than three million acres--about 12 times the total area of New York City. They are not extinguished or “done,” and each day they continue to burn more homes, more forests, more lives. 

What can you do? Curb your carbon footprint? When the powers that be think that these fires are caused by “poor forest management,” it’s difficult to think that that is true, and if so, that there’s a manageable way to resolve that issue. It’s many degrees abstracted from simply recycling, biking to work, not using plastic. But what you can do, right now, is care. 

Our role in this is small. We’re a clothing brand, and we’re in the privileged position to be able to use our platform for good. To help those in times of crisis. We linked up with Australia-based designer Luke Day to collaborate on this graphic: a California bear on top of the Empire State Building. A little bit of a light-hearted symbol even when our own sky has been clouded by smoke. That being said, the most important part is that proceeds from your purchase go straight to Wildland Firefighter Foundation. They, in brief, provide immediate financial and crisis assistance to families of fallen and injured wildland firefighters. You can read more about them here. It’s a small contribution, as this is a small run, but we hope that it can help an affected family feel compassion, and give them resources to stay afloat during especially hard times. 

Today, it’s too late to stop the wildfires of this year, but we hope our role in this allows the people at the front lines to feel that they have our support. That we recognize their importance, and that we care. That we all care, and recognize that this is not only a California, Oregon or West Coast issue. They are the place directly affected by it, but it's a global problem. Air quality has declined across the country from these fires--the New York sunset is blood-red. The smoke has made its way to Europe. But we’re here, we’re caring, and we're invested in providing relief to those who are selflessly on the frontlines of this crisis. With your help, we can support those who deserve it most.

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