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Marathon Sportswear

Marathon Sportswear
We pass time through actions in space. Each movement a few seconds, repeating in different forms. In the office we side-eye the clock, hoping the next five minutes pass just a little bit faster than the previous. How is it only 3:45? It was 3:30 an hour ago. We lean back. We breathe. Breathing breath, air. We exhale. Another breath. Our feet hit the pavement. We inhale. It’s so gentle, this action, the lightness of this body, our movement through space. Another breath. It’s rhythmic, this act. A metronome of the body. This is my time. My time alone, my time to think, or not. This is breathing, this action. This is life, this passing of time. Stillness through movement.

This is meditation. 

Why do I run? Simply: I like to. We asked some of our friends the same question. Kyle and Derek, twin brothers who have appeared in our lookbooks and who also run together.

To quote Kyle:

I run because it frees my mind. Itʼs me time. Itʼs time for reflection. I like to run early in the mornings so itʼs usually just me and a few others on the road. The ones that are out, we know. I run because itʼs meditation. It makes me a better person. A better father. A better partner. A better brother. A better son. A better uncle. It makes me be better. I run because it makes me do better.

At the least, running can make us better. At the most—well, at the most, in its most fundamental form, it can be whatever you need. Something to help you sleep, or get you out of bed to see sunrise. A remedy for depression, a means of competition against others, or yourself. It can mean a marathon, it can mean a jog around the park—even just a walk. All good running starts with getting out the door, moving your feet, no matter how slow, or fast.

 Running to me means love. Self-love. It's a way of taking care of the body and more importantly, the mind. Running is freedom. The ability to capture some kind of poetic justice of movement wherever we are—the streets of New York City or the mountains in California (where we're from). I find peace. Sometimes I run without music because hearing my breath, the birds singing, the trees rustling and the rhythm of my footsteps is its own song. I like to run at 6AM because running early before most people wake up seems like a victory for my body, too. -Derek

Simply, running together means something more than running alone for them, because it's their shared time. "Itʼs something that we get to experience together. I motivate him. He motivates me. I like it because when we are running, I feel like we’re untouchable. No one could ever take that away from us. Now that we are living apart, we donʼt get to run together as much anymore. But a part of him still lives through every run. We have a shared playlist that we add to and edit all the time. I like to think heʼs watching me, just as much as I think of him whenever I lace up.”

Why do we do anything? Run, take a walk, design clothes. Whatever your reasoning may be, you like to. For us, the decision to make running gear is a little closer to the heart, as we’re runners. Our friends run, with their partners, their friends, their brothers. For those of us who like to do things, that pleasure can only be improved upon by the contributions of others who also like to do things. Coaxing passions to intersect—designing, running—is what keeps us going. Bringing that to fruition, growing each through their harmony, that’s what makes us happiest. 


  Our running shirts won’t give you more stamina, or automatically rehydrate you with their future tech. They’re to wear, to sweat in, to keep you comfortable as you continue to push yourself to your next benchmark. They were made by people who love to run, working alongside people who love to design. The result is something that we want to wear on a run. Something we’re proud to have on our backs as we cross the intersection, or the finish line.

Photos by Jimmy
Words by Alex
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